Semalt Explains How To Find Out That The "Domain Registration Service" Email You Received Is A Scam

The scam is becoming a standard encounter for most internet users. Many e-commerce websites suffer from the effects of fraud. There are many ways which people can use to detect and eliminate spam. Many businesses suffer significant losses in the event of spam attacks. In other cases, e-commerce websites make people lose millions in internet fraud attack such as credit card theft. For most web hosting firms, it is easy to know the type of spam a company can face as well as possible ways of eliminating spam.

Igor Gamanenko, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, says that spam emails contain some noticeable characteristics such as:

  • Different domain registrars. Most spam emails do not originate from legitimate domain registrars. They come from websites which hackers make to automate emails. They begin to make a collection of email addresses which they use to send the mass scum attacks. In most cases, these email lists are available for purchase in darknet markets. The domain registrars can be a criterion for differentiating scam emails from legitimate emails.
  • Relevance to top level domains. Most scam emails are irrelevant to most top-level domain email providers. For instance, they possess names of people or objects and not any legitimate business or payment system. Domain registration services which come from legal sources have a clear platform and reference platform. It is possible to use an email service which can benefit you as well as making the entire browsing experience secure.
  • The presence of defects in content. Looking for imperfections in the fake scam email is important. In most cases, people use incorrect grammar as well as logos which are of poor quality. It is the nature of scammers to use low-grade measures. However, some scammers can breaker this barrier. It is important not to mistake this aspect for the emails which look legitimate. There may also be some redirects in the manner through which the clicks go through. Search for redirects in the manner which emails move within your inbox.
  • Email localization. Most local top-level domains make emails which are easy to use. Most hackers use them as the means of reaching their victims. It is important to ensure that an email is tailor-made for you. In this case, you can avoid endless emails which have a high probability of becoming spam.
  • When people make websites, they target the end user. As a result, one may tend to forget anti-spam measures and other security steps. A part from internet marketing techniques, it is important to learn the nature of spam and scam attacks. Through the steps in this article, it's possible to make your website secure for most online transactions.


The Internet is a vast resource which can help many people. As a result, major enterprises utilize the internet as the client's magnet. You can reach many individuals using simple advertising techniques like Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Similarly, hackers and spammers have methods which enhance their daily endeavors. For instance, they can be able to spam vulnerable victims in a scam operation. For persons owning websites, its security, as well as that of the shoppers, depends on such matters.

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